Vision for 'strong, vibrant, authentic' Catholic education

Bishop Anthony Randazzo launches the 2025 schools vision for Broken Bay Diocese (Diocese of Broken Bay)

Bishop Anthony Randazzo has launched Towards 2025, the strategy for the Diocese of Broken Bay ensuring authentic, professional, Catholic education delivered with care and compassion to the diocese's 17,000 Catholic school students.

On Friday, the last day of the school term, Bishop Randazzo accompanied by Danny Casey, Interim Director of Schools, encouraged his people to inspire the hearts and minds of their students to know Christ, to love learning and to use their talents to be the very best persons they can be. The launch was streamed live across 47 locations to 2,600 staff.

“Towards 2025 is a plan for a strong, vibrant and authentic Catholic education system in our Diocese,” said Bishop Randazzo, “one that promotes learning for life, and the flourishing of human and faith development.”

Key to the success of strategy is that the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) and school communities work in partnership to ensure alignment and unity of vision. Bishop Randazzo reinforced the collaboration and co-responsibility required for this task.

“The Church is not a building” said Bishop Randazzo, “it’s a community. Education is central to the mission in Broken Bay and you principals, school and CSO staff are among my closest collaborators.”

Mr Casey promoted the “strategy on a page” that captures the vision, purpose, priorities and values of Towards 2025. The one-page strategy was a take-home for all participants of the day, who were encouraged to use it as a visual focus for all their work going forward.

“We are committed to maintaining focus on our purpose,” said Mr Casey, “to collaborating in the mission; to applying evidence-based practice in all our endeavours and to delivering the vision as we strive to be at least as good as the very best.”

A visual marker of the strategy is a colourful logo which Bishop Randazzo explained in his presentation. The colours, cross, waves and beams of light all reinforce the key principles of the strategy.

“The Towards 2025 strategy is about us working together to strive for excellence and achieve something great,” said Bishop Randazzo. “The person of Jesus Christ, and his message of Good News is central to who we are and all that we do.”


Catholic Schools of Broken Bay into the Future (Diocese of Broken Bay)

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