Holy See ambassador helps launch Caritas campaign

Kirsty Robertson, Chiara Porro and Caritas Australia Chair Robert Fitzgerald at the Women for the World event in Sydney (Caritas Australia)

Caritas Australia has launched its annual Women for the World campaign with an event to celebrate and honour women as leaders across the world.

Addressing the Sydney event as special guest was Australia's ambassador to the Holy See, Chiara Porro, who spoke on women’s leadership, the Church and the role of women in development.

"Women's empowerment and gender equality make countries more stable, less vulnerable to conflict, and, in general, better governed. If our aim is to contribute to global stability and prosperity, it therefore makes sense that gender equality and the removal of barriers to women's economic and social inclusion should be central pillars of our foreign policy in Australia," Ms Porro said.

“Since arriving at the Holy See, women in leadership has been a key focus of my work. We’ve showcased trailblazing women who have shaped the history of the Catholic Church and its contribution in society and developed platforms to support emerging female leaders and promote gender equality at the highest levels.”

"To truly achieve gender equality, we need leadership to role model inclusive, constructive and supportive leadership and make sure everyone's on board. Without this, real change won't come about."

The event also heard from Caritas Australia's chief executive Kirsty Robertson, who said “Now, more than ever, it is important for us to band together for women and girls across the world, as they face increasing challenges from conflict, COVID-19, climate change and now the increase in food and fuel prices from the war in Ukraine”.

Since 2013, Caritas Australia’s dedicated Women for the World community has helped provide education, develop livelihoods and improve healthcare and protection for some of the most vulnerable women and girls in marginalised communities.

Details: Women for the World.


Australian Ambassador to the Holy See joins call to support women living in poverty (Caritas Australia)

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