Calvary ‘saddened’ by passage of euthanasia bill

Calvary Health Care has hospitals and aged care facilities in South Australia (Calvary Health Care)

Catholic hospital and aged care provider Calvary Health Care has expressed its disappointment with the passage of euthanasia legislation in the South Australian Parliament’s lower house this week.


In a statement, Calvary Health Care said it “does not support voluntary assisted dying and is saddened that the VAD Bill has passed the House of Assembly in South Australia”.

“The amendments by Mr Steve Murray MP to protect the rights of institutions to Conscientious Objection in the bill is a landmark recognition of the importance of this principle in Australian law,” said Jim Birch, chair of the Little Company of Mary Health Care, which owns Calvary.

“The recognition of institutional conscientious objection means that Calvary can continue to serve the people of South Australia in that we will be able to offer high quality hospital and end of life care to our patients and clients without being compromised by VAD.”

Mr Birch thanked the MPs who supported the conscientious objection amendments.

“In all of our hospitals and aged care facilities, the people we care for and the people who provide care know our services will not offer VAD. We know that people will continue to seek out our services because of this ethic and our ongoing commitment to compassionate care.”


Calvary response to South Australia's VAD Bill (Calvary Health Care)


Choice must be honoured if assisted dying to be voluntary (Calvary Health Care)

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