Action drama puts child trafficking in the spotlight

Jung-jae Lee (left) and Jung-min Hwang in Deliver us From Evil (IMDB)

Deliver Us From Evil, a violent Korean action drama with a Thai setting, highlights the evil of child trafficking, especially for organ transplants. Source: Jesuit Media.

The narrative is interspersed with sometimes quite graphic, violence. It begins as it means to go on with opening scenes of a paid assassin eliminating a gangster. Indeed, one of the problems for the movie is that it is difficult to identify with the story and characters because none of them are admirable – though one becomes more and more sympathetic.

While the opening sequences are in Korea, set in a world of gangsters, elimination, revenge, most of the action takes place in Thailand. We are introduced to a mother and daughter from an affluent suburb, and then the daughter is abducted from school. The girl disappears, hidden with an alarming number of small children who have been trafficked in response to requests for organs from wealthy people who are not fussy where their life-saving organs come from, even if surgery kills the trafficked children.

The assassin discovers the abducted girl was his daughter and he sets off to find her.

Meanwhile, an assassin named The Butcher is the brother of the murdered gangster and is bent on relentless revenge. The movie becomes a double pursuit – The Butcher in pursuit of the assassin who is searching for his daughter.

What makes the story somewhat different is the introduction of a Korean transgender singer from a Thai club. The singer becomes a guide to and interpreter for the assassin looking for his daughter to earn money for final surgery. The singer’s mannerisms and posturing are distractions from the violent pursuits, and become essential to the completion of the mission.

Review by Fr Peter Malone MSC is an associate Jesuit Media

Deliver Us From Evil: Starring Jung-min Hwang, Jung-jae Lee, Jeong Min Park. Directed by Won-Chan Hong. 108 minutes. Rated MA (Strong violence).


Deliver Us From Evil (Jesuit Media)

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