Zairean rite offers example for future Amazonian rite: Pope

the book is meant to help readers learn more about the different aspects of the Zairean rite (Vatican News)

The approval decades ago of a Zairean rite of the Roman Missal demonstrated that it is also possible to develop a rite for the Amazon region, Pope Francis writes in a preface to a new book. Source: Crux.

The Zairean rite, which is an example of liturgical inculturation, “suggests a promising way also for the eventual elaboration of an Amazonian rite, in that the cultural needs of a specific area of the African context are acknowledged without distorting the nature of the Roman Missal as a guarantee of continuity with the ancient and universal tradition of the church,” the Pope wrote.

His remarks appear in the preface of a new book, Pope Francis and the Roman Missal for the Dioceses of Zaire: A Promising Rite for Other Cultures. The book, currently only in Italian, will be released on December 9 by the Vatican publishing house.

Edited by Congolese Sr Rita Mboshu Kongo, a theologian and member of the Daughters of Mary Most Holy, the book is meant to help readers learn more about the different aspects of the Zairean rite, which incorporates elements of Congolese culture and reflects the needs of Catholics in the sub-Saharan African nation, formerly Zaire, now Congo.

The missal received formal approval from the Vatican in 1988 after a long process of inculturation encouraged by the country’s bishops and popes St Paul VI and St John Paul II.


Zairean rite offers example for developing an Amazonian rite, pope says (By Carol Glatz, CNS via Crux)

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