Changing of the guard at Auslan Bible

The Gospel of John is one of the books of the Bible that has been translated into Auslan (Eternity News)

When the history of Auslan Bible translations is written, 2020 will be marked as a truly significant year. And it’s not because of COVID-19. Source: Eternity News.

Instead, historians will record how a long-serving, experienced translations team planned and prepared to pass the baton of Auslan translations for the Deaf community on to a new team.

John Harris, Bible translation consultant with Bible Society Australia, said the previous committee was aging and had members who had died.

As a team, the committee has achieved a huge amount including full translations of biblical books Ruth, Jonah, Luke and John, an abridged version of the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, and some of Paul’s letters – plus a few extras, like parts of the Gospels covered in Matthew and Mark which are not in Luke or John.

They also innovated and improved the process of translations for the Deaf. Sometimes, the Auslan team were even leading the rest of the world.

Mr Harris refers to a new document of procedures created by the team and notes but using the final video draft as an autocue, rather than written notes..

A new committee is now carrying forward the work but the older, experienced guard will stay in place for now, with project manager Mac Adams as chair and Mr Harris as consultant.


Why 2020 will be big for the Auslan Bible – and it's not what you think (Eternity News) 

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