Pro-life and pro-choice protestors clash at university

The protest at the University of Sydney on November 12 (The Catholic Weekly/Chriscoveries)

A student event at the University of Sydney turned ugly after protestors attacked a pro-life stall, verbally abusing and physically threatening its organisers. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Police were called shortly after the start of the three-hour event on November 12 that began to descend into chaos after student advocacy group LifeChoice set up a stall on the main campus with a banner “Abortion ends a human life. Change my mind”.

Student and LifeChoice Sydney secretary Madeleine Graveleine said the intention was to invite a relaxed forum for discussion on the lawn near Eastern Avenue between pro-life and pro-choice students.

Instead, LifeChoice members say their sign and other printed materials was ripped to pieces and thrown at them, a glass smashed to the ground, verbal abuse hurled at them and that at times they were forced to protect themselves from physical attack.

Following the event, the University of Sydney’s Women’s Collective published its version of the encounter, saying it had called the “snap protest” in response to “an anti-choice stall”.

A spokesperson for NSW Police confirmed police had been called to the protest but said there were no arrests made.


Pro-lifers attacked by fellow students (By Marilyn Rodrigues, The Catholic Weekly

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