New study warns of employment crisis


The grim reality for jobseekers has been exposed in new research that lays out Australia's unemployment epidemic. Source: ABC News.

Anglicare Australia’s latest job availability survey shows it is especially dire for people seeking "entry-level" jobs that do not require prior experience or qualifications beyond high school.

Across the nation, there are eight entry-level jobseekers for every appropriate position. In Tasmania it is 21 jobseekers per job.

"In this downturn, people who need the most help to find work are being left behind," Anglicare Australia executive director Kasy Chambers said in the report.

"There aren't enough jobs at their skill level to meet demand in any part of the country."

If you include all jobseekers — including newly unemployed people with skills and experience who may be looking for work at a level below what they have previously held — there are as many as 106 jobseekers for every entry-level position.

The Jobs Availability Snapshot 2020 report explains how tough the jobs market is for people without qualifications or work experience.

The snapshot compares the number of people who have "barriers to work" with the number of vacant jobs at their skill level.

The reports notes that the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme is likely masking the actual number of people without work.

JobKeeper is being wound back, and the amount paid in unemployment benefits for the JobSeeker payment (previously called Newstart) has also been cut back.


Jobseekers outnumber vacant jobs by as much as 106-to-one, reveals study warning of employment crisis (ABC News

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