Queensland bishops stress the sanctity of life

Catholics in Queensland will mark No Euthanasia Sunday this weekend (YouTube/Archdiocese of Brisbane)

Queensland’s bishops have written a pastoral letter warning of the consequences of legalising euthanasia, emphasising the sanctity of life and reiterating that all of creation is sacred. Source: The Catholic Leader.

“Societies in which life is cheap suffer from many maladies and injustices,” the bishops said.

With Queensland gearing up for a state election on October 31, euthanasia in the form of voluntary assisted dying, is squarely on the political agenda and the bishops have announced this coming Sunday as “Dying Peacefully – No Euthanasia Sunday”.

Legislation may come before the next Parliament “whatever the outcome of the forthcoming election”, the bishops’ statement said.

“The Catholic Church is opposed to voluntary assisted dying. However, the Church strongly supports high-quality palliative care, respect for patient autonomy, preservation of personal dignity and a peaceful end to life.

“Nobody is morally compelled to suffer unbearable pain, nobody should feel like a burden, and nobody should feel that their life is worthless.”

The state Government has ordered the independent Queensland Law Reform Commission to prepare draft euthanasia legislation that is expected to be ready for the next Parliament early next year.

As part of a "care-first" approach, the bishops flag a future training program within Catholic communities to help people better understand what choices are available and what pathways already exist to ensure a dignified and peaceful death.

The aim would be to train facilitators who can guide people to expert advice.

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Bishops write letter to Queenslanders stressing the sanctity of human life (By Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader)

A PASTORAL LETTER TO the People, Clergy and Religious Catholic communities of Queensland (Bishops of Queensland) 

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