Euthanasia a line New Zealanders ‘should not cross’

Cardinal John Dew (Facebook/Cardinal John Dew)

New Zealand Cardinal John Dew has joined 20 Christian leaders in publishing a joint statement on the country’s upcoming referendums on legalising euthanasia and marijuana, saying if passed they will inflict long-term damage. Source: Vatican News.

New Zealanders will head to the polls on October 17 to vote in the country’s general election. Voters will also be able to respond “Yes” or “No” to the question, “Do you support the End-of-Life Choice Act 2019 coming into force?”

The leaders of various Christian denominations in New Zealand urge caution in voting for the End-of-Life Choice Act and another referendum that proposes government control and regulation of cannabis. Both referendums, the signers say, “carry the risk of inflicting serious long-term damage on our society, endangering vulnerable people, and making our country less safe for everyone”.

The church leaders state they “understand the reasons why euthanasia appeals to some people, as a way of alleviating individual suffering in the context of very serious illness”.

However, they believe supporting the End of Life Choice Act is unethical and dangerous because it would allow medical personnel “to actively end someone’s life or to assist them to commit suicide”. That, the statement says, “is a line New Zealand should not cross”.


New Zealand church leaders on End of Life Choice Act (By Sr Bernadette Mary Reis FSP, Vatican News

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