Everyone is beautiful in God's eyes: Pope

Pope Francis with the autistic children, their parents and carers (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis yesterday received in the Vatican a group of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, telling them that everyone is beautiful in God's eyes. Source: Vatican News.

The Pope expressed his delight at meeting the group of 42, including the children, their parents and the staff of a clinic in St. Polten, Austria, where the children are treated.

The children undergo therapy at Ambulatorium Sonnenschein (Sunshine Outpatient Clinic), which was established in 1995. The treatment combines diagnosis, advice and therapy for children and adolescents with special needs under one roof.

“Your house is called "Sunshine", a beautiful name!” the Pope said, adding, there is a reason behind it.

“It is because your house is like a magnificent blooming meadow in the sunshine and you are the flowers of this "Sunshine" house”. He explained that God created the world with a great variety of flowers of all colours, and every flower has its beauty, which is unique.

“Each of us,” the Pope said, “is also beautiful in God's eyes, and God loves us.” Hence, we need to thank God for it.

He told the children they can also ask Jesus to help their parents with their work or comfort the grandmother who is a bit sick. They can ask Jesus to help children around the world who have nothing to eat or even help the Pope to lead the Church well. “If you ask with faith, the Lord will surely hear you,” the Pope assured them.


Pope: each one is beautiful to God who loves us (By Robin Gomes, Vatican News)

Everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes, Pope Francis tells children with autism spectrum disorder (CNA)

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