Standing together to see the light in the darkness

The ecumenical events will mark the end of winter with prayer and hope for the future (Melbourne Catholic)

A virtual prayer session and the symbolic act of lighting a candle are two ways Victorians are invited to come together on the final two days of winter to pray for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

“We’ve been through a bad year and it’s been a hard winter,” said Deacon Joe Leach, a member of the Melbourne Archdiocese’s Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission (EIC) and the Victorian Council of Churches.

“We want to remember all those who have lost their lives to Coronavirus or violence this year. But now we’re looking to spring. And we’re looking to the future with prayer and hope.”

Hosted by the Victorian Council of Churches, the Standing Together initiative on Sunday at 2pm seeks to unite people from across Christian communities in Victoria for a virtual prayer session. It will include a reflection led by Melbourne Archbishop Peter A Comensoli.

On Monday at 7pm, Victorians are invited to light a candle in the darkness as a symbol of hope.

“We’re encouraging people to stand in their front garden or at their door or in a window and acknowledge that there’s now a light in this darkness; the darkness of winter is fading. And now we’re coming into the light of spring.”

It was Sr Mary Reaburn, a Sister of Our Lady of Sion and a member the EIC, who suggested parish communities would benefit by doing something “to show unity and solidarity and remember those who had died, but also hoping for the future”.

“We wanted to make it available to the broader community – to people of any faith and none – to say this is a ritual as a symbol of hope in the community,” Deacon Leach said.


Standing together to see the light in the darkness (Melbourne Catholic

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