Opinion - Time to close Guantanamo

According to human rights groups, the United States holds more than 20,000 people, some say as many as 27,000 people, in detention centers around the world. All are held without charge or with no trial scheduled or planned. How many have been tortured we do not know. But torture, illegal detention, and cover-ups have become standard operating procedure for the new American empire.

Hope permeated the forlorn air. And it was because of these good people, many of them Catholic Workers and Christians. They forfeited their freedom for those without civil liberties. They used their voices on behalf of those made silent. They turned a glare of shame on our imperial courts, where lady justice is stridently touted then grossly mocked. As we join this campaign to abolish torture and Guantanamo, we not only serve the suffering prisoners, but we reclaim our humanity. - Fr John Dear, National Catholic Reporter (click below for full article)


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