Opinion - Destiny arrives for Anglican communion

Bishops of the Anglican Communion have gathered for the Lambeth Conference, which has begun with a retreat. But the calm atmosphere of prayer and contemplation evoked by the word seems to be in strong contrast with the rancorous character of the preliminaries. There does not seem to be much grace about the place, and with grace comes respect.

This year may be the year it becomes apparent that without such regard, the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury is truly impossible and the unity of the Anglican Communion is not achievable. Or to put it another way, it is now for those who do not want a papal model of leadership in the Anglican Communion to show that they can find the mutual respect and goodwill - in short, the grace of God - to work together for the good of the Church without one. If they cannot, the Anglican Communion seems destined to fall apart. - The Tablet (click below for full article)


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