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Describing homelessness as human rights abuse, Society of St Vincent de Paul President Syd Tutton has called on the Australian government to enshrine the right to housing in a Bill of Rights or other legislation.

"Homelessness is a human rights abuse," Mr Tutton said in a statement.

"To address this, the St Vincent de Paul Society has asked the federal government to recognise in its White Paper on homelessness that 'Housing is a human right'.

This is nothing more than the government recognising its responsibilities and obligations pursuant to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and will bolster a rights approach to end the violation that is homelessness," said Mr Syd Tutton, National President for the St Vincent de Paul Society.

"A Bill of Rights or legislation that enshrines the right to housing would be an important step that this government could make to end homelessness and the abuse experienced by people experiencing homelessness.

"Further recognition of this right would complement the Government’s White Paper set to be released in September," said Mr Syd Tutton.


Homelessness is a human rights abuse (Vinnies, Media Statement, 1/8/08)


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