Why is grace so hard to write about?

Many readers and writers find grace nebulous. This is particularly true in the case of amateur writers. There are two reasons. The first is that grace is categorised philosophically within the realm of beauty. We all agree that beauty exists, but we don’t all agree on what is beautiful.

Commonweal blogger unagidon says: "I can probably capture more of the beauty of a sunset by saying 'it was a beautiful sunset' and let you fill in the blanks than to start talking about streaming glorious rays of red and purple light filtering through the pink clouds blah blah blah."

Unagidon says that one can profess love for a son and that the listener will get it. But if a parent attempts to describe his or her love for their son in a way that would make the listener love him precisely the way the parent does, he would probably "fail the airy-fairy test".

"But the point is, the airy-fairyness of grace is also a quality of true love (since they are the same thing), not something that shows that grace may not exist or that it is even particularly hard to come by.  Maybe you just need to find better writers."

- unagidon

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