Finding intrinsic worth in a disposable world

Each of us views the world around us from our individual perspective. And, as part of that vision of things, the points of view that we have developed over the years remain affirmed within us, and they consistently colour our personal assessment of people and situations, as we live out our everyday lives, writes Fr Gerard Dowling in Kairos.

As a result of all the influences to which we are subjected, we develop a range of outlooks that become characteristic of us. For instance, those who have come to know us well would probably have little hesitation in summing up the overall impressions they have of us.

They might see us as positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic, punctual or unpunctual, happy or sad, and the list could go on endlessly. Whether our own assessment of ourselves would affirm or contradict such a judgement would be interesting to discover.

You may well wonder what prompted these comments, so I will hasten to tell you. I think they come about due to a marked trend in my ageing years to constantly evaluate my thinking and my ways of relating to people.

Perhaps I was too busy earlier on to take time out to really attend to such evaluations. At this point in my life, however, I try not to let any business crowd out the need to be more discerning about my behaviour, especially my relationships with other people.

One trait that I have observed in myself is a tendency to resist change. This characteristic that I have consistently noted is constantly challenged by the fact that we here in Australia live in what I might call with reasonable justification a ‘changeable world’.

That view may well be regarded as an understatement. I can well hear you responding that ours is not just a changeable world but a ‘disposable’ one.

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