Valentine's Day hearts to those who deserve them


For St Valentine's Day, Sr Mary Ann Walsh RSM draws up a list of Catholics working for the common good who deserve a love heart. Try to guess who is Number 1 on the list.


First, Pope Francis, for his constant leadership and call to clear thinking about the Gospel. Among the most recent example were his remarks on the terrorist attacks at the Paris satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo.

Pope Francis offered no defence of the violence there: there is no defence for such murderous assaults. But he also warned that provocative people should not be surprised when there is backlash.

He spoke with characteristic plain talk when he noted the newspaper’s mockery of Islam and said that “in the face of an offence or a provocation … we are human.” He spoke of “prudence which is a virtue of human coexistence” and said “I cannot constantly insult, provoke a person continuously because I risk making him/her angry, and I risk receiving an unjust reaction.”

He said “freedom of expression must take account of the human reality and for this reason one must be prudent.” He added that “a violent aggression is not good, it’s always bad. We all agree, but in practice let us stop a little because we are human and we risk to provoke others. For this reason freedom must be accompanied by prudence.”

A Valentine for common sense.

Valentine Number 2 to Mother Clare Millea, the sister who took on the thankless job of investigating women religious in her native US.

The assignment seemed skewed from the start but Mother Clare brought objectivity to it, won over many religious and produced a report people can work with. Those who wanted her to say the nuns were going to hell in a hand basket are disappointed, but those looking for something to work with can find satisfaction.

She showed that vocation numbers are down and US nuns are woefully underappreciated despite their accomplishments, even as they cope with aging members and financial crises that loom over many of them.

She also forthrightly stated that religious orders need to be sure they are walking their own walk, as found in their Constitutions. Hearts to a sister because she demonstrated that once again in the church when you want something done right, you go to a nun.

Valentine Number 3 toJohn Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox and The Boston Globe.

Henry took a bold journalistic step in September and established a Catholic news website, Crux, that has quickly drawn readers to all that’s Catholic…

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