When I grow up I want to be... alive

Jamaica dreams

This video takes us to the ghettos of Jamaica and the work of Catholic Mission in helping children grow up to achieve their dreams, in communities where the threat of a violent death is all to real.

The CathNews YouTube channel is pleased to present this short film by Catholic Mission Australia.

Jamaica is a nation deeply troubled by violence, crime and gangs. With the second-highest rate of gun-killings anywhere in the world, communities live in constant fear.

To just be alive might seem like a simple dream to us, but for many of the Jamaican youth born into the ghettos, they know chances are high that they will never achieve their dreams or that their life will be cut short as a result of the violence. Through the Holy Family Self Help Centre, Sister Teresia Tinanisolo, a Marist Missionary Sister, reaches out and offers life-saving spiritual and practical support, including skills training, to the people of Mount Salem—one of Jamaica's most dangerous communities.

To watch the story on the CathNews YouTube channel, CLICK HERE.

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