Little Tramp's stamps of approval: Vatican honours Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin and the Kid

Though not a Catholic, Charlie Chaplin directed and starred in such humane masterpieces as Modern Times, The Great Dictator, and Limelight. The Vatican has now honoured his unique contribution to world cinema.

- Rome Reports

Charlie Chaplin conquered the entertainment world with a walking stick, an unmistakable moustache, and a list of moving stories. His movies didn't need words or colour to leave their mark on modern cinema.

Now the Vatican is celebrating 125 years since his birth with a collection of stamps dedicated to his most famous character, Charlot. To watch this clip from Rome Reports on YouTube, CLICK HERE.


The Vatican is right to honour Charlie Chaplin, a 'chosen man of God' (The Catholic Herald)


Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator (YouTube)

"Limelight" by Charlie Chaplin - That's Life! (YouTube)

Charlie Chaplin. Modern Times. Protest Scene (YouTube)

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