Grave errors: Unravelling the mystery of Tuam

Paul Barry

Media Watch investigates the real story behind Ireland's mother-and-baby home at Tuam, and how it came to be that false reports that '800 dead babies had been dumped in a septic tank' circled the globe 'before truth had time to put it socks on.'

At the beginning of June you may have seen revelations about a mass grave being discovered in County Galway in the West of Ireland. Yes, a mass grave, containing 800 children had been found on the site of an old mother and baby home run by nuns in the historic town of Tuam. And if you thought it was all too bad to be true, scores of other media around the world, including our ABC, confirmed the terrible tale

In Ireland the impact was even greater, with several papers likening it to the HolocaustAnd the Irish Independent comparing those nuns in Tuam to the butchers of Belsen, Rwanda and Srebrenica: But ... how reliable was this story? And why were there no pictures of the bodies? Had good taste for once prevailed?

Well no. You see no babies had been found.Nor indeed had the septic tank.Oh yes, and did we forget to tell you that those 796 children died of natural causes? With Measles, Influenza, pneumonia, TB and whooping cough topping the list.

So how did this story get so out of hand? Well, if you’re looking for a culprit, the Daily Mail group’s your man.

To watch the video on the CathNews YouTube channel, CLICK HERE.

Read full transcript: The Truth Behind Tuam (ABC Media Watch)

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