Mother pressured to abort ‘at least seven times’

The Bishop family with baby Lilah Sophie in 2009 (The Southern Cross)

As the South Australian Parliament debates a bill that would enable abortions up until full term provided two doctors consent, one mother has spoken of the pressure she received to abort her child. Source: The Southern Cross.

Andrea Bishop decided against the advice of medical professionals to give birth to her daughter, Lilah Sophie, 11 years ago.

Ms Bishop said the odds were stacked against Lilah, not just because she had a massive brain tumour leaving only eight per cent of her brain functioning and a five per cent chance of survival.

From 22 to 27 weeks into the pregnancy, it was suggested to Ms Bishop to have an abortion at least seven times by a range of medical professionals.

“I lost count after that,” Ms Bishop said, adding that each time the answer was an emphatic “no”. “It was adding unnecessary stress – how many times do I have to say no?”

Ms Bishop said it was important for someone in her position to not just be told they could have an abortion. She said she felt like they were “ducking and weaving” and “almost scorned by professionals”.

Lilah lived for less than two years. The Bishop family donate the money they would have spent on Lilah’s birthday and Christmas presents each year to charities.

Ms Bishop believes her situation highlights the danger of Parliament legislating to enable someone to end life.

“Everything else is about protecting life, wearing helmets and seatbelts, why is this about killing someone?”


Lilah’s legacy a reminder of the sanctity of life (By Jenny Brinkworth, The Southern Cross

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