Francis labels indifference to others ‘practical atheism’

Pope Francis said people must pray with their hearts and not “pray like a parrot” (Bigstock)

Being indifferent to or hating others is to deny the existence of God’s presence in one’s neighbour, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: CNS.

“This is practical atheism,” the Pope said during his weekly general audience.

“To not recognise the human person as an image of God is a sacrilege, an abomination, the worst offense that can be directed toward the temple and the altar,” he said.

Arriving in the Paul VI audience hall, the Pope once again observed social-distancing measures by taking his seat immediately rather than going to greet members of the crowd.

He apologised and explained that mingling with them would increase “the danger of infection for you.”

“I am sorry for this, but it’s for your safety,” he said. “But please know that I am close to you in my heart. I hope you understand why I do this.”

Continuing his series of talks on prayer, the Pope talked about “the wicked” person often mentioned in the Book of Psalms and described them as someone who “lives as if God does not exist.”

Francis said there are “the wicked” ones, like those who go to Mass “only to be seen” or to show off, or those who pray out of habit and with no depth, thus rendering “a false prayer” to God.

“The worst service someone can give God, and others as well, is to pray tiredly, in a habitual way, to pray like a parrot: Blah, blah, blah. No. We must pray with our hearts.”


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