We must act urgently: Pope

Pope Francis speaks in a recorded message for the climate change TED event on Saturday (CNS/Vatican Press Office)

The predominant global economic system is “unsustainable”, particularly in its impact on the environment, Pope Francis said at the weekend. Source: CNS.

“We are faced with the moral imperative – and the practical urgency – to rethink many things” about the economy: “how we produce, how we consume, our culture of waste, its short-term vision, the exploitation of the poor, indifference toward them, the increase of inequality and its dependence on harmful energy sources,” the Pope said on Saturday as part of the global TEDx Countdown on climate change.

The event, broadcast live on YouTube, featured more than 50 speakers from around the world.

“As the term ‘countdown’ suggests, we must act urgently,” Pope Francis said. “Each one of us can play a valuable role if we all set out today – not tomorrow, today.”

“Science tells us, every day more precisely, that we need to act urgently – I am not exaggerating – this is what science tells us, if we are to have any hope of avoiding radical and catastrophic climate change,” he said. “This is a scientific fact.”

Pope Francis insisted in his TEDx talk that concern for the environment must go hand in hand with concern for the people who live on the Earth, especially the poor, who are most impacted by climate change and natural disasters.

People must make a choice “between what matters and what does not, a choice between continuing to ignore the suffering of the poorest and mistreating our common home, the Earth,” he said, or “commit ourselves at every level to transforming the way we act”.


Pope: Time is running out to fix economy, protect the Earth, help the poor (By Cindy Wooden, CNS)


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