Vinnies to Lambie: Hold your ground on mobile phone ban

Jacqui Lambie (Facebook/Jacqui Lambie network)

The St Vincent de Paul Society’s National Council has encouraged Senator Jacqui Lambie to “hold her ground” in blocking the Morrison Government’s legislation that could see mobile phones banned from immigration detention centres.

The crossbench senator announced her decision to oppose the bill late last week in an email to voters who took part in a poll she ran that found 96 per cent oppose the bill.

President of the St Vincent de Paul Society’s National Council, Claire Victory, said given the current numbers, Senator Lambie’s decision will prevent the Government from getting the bill through the Senate.

The Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2020 is unlikely to be debated before November 9.

“We should all remember that people are legally entitled to seek asylum in this country and each should be assessed on a case-by-case basis,” Ms Victory said.

“Punitive measures such as the mobile phone ban will disadvantage hundreds of people whose only supposed crime is to seek asylum in Australia.

“Mobile phones are a lifeline to family, friends and supporters in an environment where the future is far from certain.

“I strongly encourage Senator Lambie to hold her ground in the lead up to the vote.”


Vinnies welcomes Senator Lambie’s proposed rejection of Asylum Seeker phone ban (St Vincent de Paul Society)

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