English monument to tell story of a million answered prayers

Artist’s impression of the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer (Crux/Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer)

A new monument to prayer will be built England, after planning permission was granted for the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer outside Birmingham. Source: Crux.

The 51-metre monument is planned for a major transit zone near England’s second-largest city and will be able to be seen from nine kilometres away. An estimated 500,000 commuters would see it each week.

Building work is planned to start next year with completion set for late 2022.

“Our desire is that Eternal Wall provokes a conversation about prayer and inspires people to reflect on whether prayer should become part of their life. Our hope is that as visitors discover and read these answered prayers, they will find hope for the storms of life they’re facing,” said Richard Gamble, the chief executive of the project.

The monument will be constructed using one million bricks, each representing an answered prayer. Visitors will be able to download an app that will be able to “unlock” each brick to give the story of an answered prayer. They will also be able to search for prayers involving specific situations or particular topics.

The design is based on a Möbius strip: in simple terms, a ribbon that has only one side.

Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham said he was pleased to support the project.

“To see the prospect of such a public symbol which draws people to the subject of prayer is most welcome,” Archbishop Longley said. “Answered prayer is particularly welcome as it addresses the very questions for so many people: What is prayer? Does prayer make a difference?”


Planned English monument to tell story of million answered prayers(By Charles Collins, Crux)  

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