Catholic vet one of two Australians missing at sea

Lukas Orda (Facebook/Lukas Orda)

Mt Isa parish priest Fr Michael Lowcock said a young Queensland veterinarian missing after a livestock ship capsized in rough seas off the coast of Japan was an “outgoing and gifted” member of the community. Source: ABC News.

Lukas Orda, 25, was one of two Australians among the 43 crew members on board The Gulf Livestock 1, which was carrying more than 5,800 cattle in the East China Sea when it issued a distress call early on Wednesday.

The ship left New Zealand on August 14 and was due to arrive in China next Friday.

Mr Orda lived on the Gold Coast but went to Good Shepherd Catholic College in Mt Isa.

Fr Lowcock said Mr Orda’s parents both worked at the local hospital and were well known in the community. “It’s really devastating, particularly for his family here. [Mr Orda’s parents] are really good, good, solid citizens of the community.”

Fr Lowcock said the entire Mt Isa community was devastated by the news of the accident.

“It’ll take a while to seep in. One can only hope that he will be found at least, for the family, whether or not that will be alive.”

Mr Orda’s wife, Emma Orda, recently gave birth to their son, Theo.

In a statement, a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson said the Government was providing consular assistance to the families of two Australian crew members on board a cargo vessel reported missing in Japanese waters.


Queensland vet Lukas Orda one of two Australians missing in East China Sea (By Rachel Riga and Jessica Rendall, ABC News)

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