Catholic school graduates the highest earners

The survey showed 60 per cent of millennial Catholic school graduates said school had set them up for career success (Bigstock)

Catholic school graduates are the highest earners with an average annual household income of $99,722, according to a landmark study covering the past two decades. Source: The Age.

The study – which surveyed 4913 Australians aged 25 to 39 about how school had moulded their adult lives – also found graduates of Catholic and independent schools were more likely to come from a family that values academic success more than religion.

The Catholic graduates’ average earnings compared with $90,849 for independent school graduates and $85,489 for government school graduates.

The Cardus Education survey – the first of its kind to be conducted in Australia – analysed how “millennials” who finished high school between 1998 and 2011 were faring, both materially and in a range of life matters including relationships and community connections.

The survey also found non-government school graduates were more likely than state school graduates to hold a bachelor’s degree, and to believe that school had prepared them for success at university.

Forty-eight per cent of respondents who attended an independent school said they held at least a bachelor’s degree, compared with 41 per cent of Catholic school graduates and 27 per cent of government school graduates.

But the gap was significantly narrower on the broader question of whether school had set people up for career success, with 55 per cent of government school graduates believing it had, compared with 60 per cent of Catholic school graduates and 63 per cent of independent school graduates.

The Australian Schools and the Common Good report, released yesterday, was commissioned by a group of six Christian school associations.


Wealth, not faith drives most Australian students to religious schools (By Adam Carey, The Age

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