Economic inequality a social disease: Pope

Pope Francis gives his general audience address in the library of the Apostolic Palace yesterday (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis has encouraged Catholics to address the injustice of wealth inequality and its effects in the world, which he condemned as a “sickness”. Source: CNA.

The Pope spoke about economic inequality and its effects at his weekly general audience, which was held via livestream from his library in the Vatican.

“When the obsession with possessing and dominating excludes millions of people from primary goods; when economic and technological inequality is such as to tear the social fabric; and when addiction to unlimited material progress threatens the common home, then we cannot stand by,” Pope Francis said.

“No, this is dismal. We cannot stand and watch.”

He called inequality a “social disease”, many of the “symptoms” of which have been aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some powerful nations may issue money to deal with the emergency, while for others this would mean mortgaging the future,” he noted.

“Some may work from home, while for many others this is impossible,” he added. “Some children, despite difficulties, can continue to receive a school education, while for many others this has stopped abruptly.”

He asked people to think especially about the many children around the world who are dying of hunger, or who do not have access to education, because of the unequal distribution of wealth.

The Christian response, he explained, must be hope in Jesus Christ.

“With our gaze fixed on Jesus and with the certainty that his love works through the community of his disciples, we must all act together, in the hope of generating something different and better,” he said.


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