Feature - Teaching restraint with the ABC's

We live in a culture increasingly obsessed with acquisition and instant gratification. When these goods are denied or when their realisation requires the longer view, there is a marked tendency to lash out verbally and often physically.

Reflecting upon violence, he wrote to me last month about the importance of teaching children how to deal with frustration and pain from an early age. His own childhood and youth provided ample stimulus for angry behaviour. Born before the civil rights movement had begun to ameliorate the humiliation and injustice routinely meted out to black Americans, Brandon ran away from an abusive home at the age of 12 and thereafter lived by his own wits. Now, a morally mature man striving to turn away from anger and bitterness, he writes: "We need to teach anger management and conflict resolution as soon as we start teaching the ABC."  - Jill Segger, The Catholic Herald (click below for full article)


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