Opinion - Government slated over WYD cost indifference

Some will think it crass to be counting pennies ahead of what is expected to be a joyous and spiritually uplifting event, not just for those directly involved but for the whole community. However, in this case we must serve both God and Mammon.

Less than four weeks before World Youth Day begins, the NSW Government has yet to agree with the Catholic Church what the public will pay towards the event. Although the St Mary's counter has been steadily ticking off the days just a block from State Parliament, it does not seem to have engendered even the least sense of urgency among those who control the public purse. Three years after Sydney was awarded World Youth Day, and with pilgrims already packing their bags, the chronically inept Iemma Government has still not settled the size of its commitment. - The Sydney Morning Herald (click below for full article)


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