Feature - A refugee's hope

They started slashing at everybody in the house and they assumed that nobody was still alive. It's true nobody seemed to be alive, since I was also covered in blood. Up to now I didn't know if I was dead or alive.

I am beginning to feel worthless. I have lost self-esteem, lost interest in everything. I have lost confidence. I am isolated and don't have friends because they think I will be a burden to them, therefore people avoid me.

In fact I am not living a life of dignity and I am not sure of my security, since I am always scared of being returned to my country. I am like a prisoner on remand waiting for judgment. I can't work; I can't live where I want to.  I can't concentrate to study.  I feel angry and resentful, and suffer from panic attacks and anxieties. - Thinking Faith (click below for full article)



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