Film Review - Hancock

I love surprises and would happily be led up the garden path with Will Smith, but there's a fatal flaw to Hancock, with alien sized plot holes and worse still, characters behaving out of context. As a result, this big budget Will Smith action movie is certain to divide audiences and for the most part leave them wanting.

Smith is as good as ever as the larger than life misfit of a superhero and Charlize Theron is well cast as the caring wife and mother who makes a connection with Hancock. There's plenty of action and director Peter Berg makes good use of the close up. Fate, fallibility, mortality, power transference and doing what one does best are issues that are canvassed, but for me, instead of lighting up the sky, the movie fizzles like a wet sparkler. - Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile

Hancock is Rated M. Out Now.

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