Feature - The long road

The dispute over access to Randwick hasn't been the only cause of tensions, with behind the scenes disagreements between the Church and the Government over everything from advertising campaigns to public access. Frustrated Government organisers say the Church was never geared to put on such an event and if there have been shortfalls in pilgrims, homestays and volunteers, the attitude was too often: "God will provide."

In one form or another, World Youth Day has cost federal and state governments $160 million. "If it all goes well and the sun shines, it will be a great feather in the Government's cap," said one insider. "If it doesn't, it will tarnish Sydney's reputation as a major events capital in the world. That's what the Government fears most, damage to the Sydney brand." - Linda Morris, The Sydney Morning Herald (click below for full article)


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From Parish of Our Lady of The Way, North Sydney & Lavender Bay. The first Mass of the day on YouTube.
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