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Our appetite for novelty is being constantly stimulated and we embrace the latest information technology with unbounded enthusiasm. Instant information can help to give us a global perspective and open us up to a greater appreciation of our world and its peoples. St Paul himself would surely have rejoiced at the opportunities now available for spreading the Word, opportunities for reaching out to peoples of other faiths and cultures.

Yet there is a danger and we see it in what happened to the Athenians. A cultured people, they were open to hearing new ideas, new stories. Did they miss the greatest news of all because they were so caught up in the transient happenings of everyday life in Athens?  Or did Paul’s message come across simply as foolishness?  For all their eagerness to hear something new they failed to grasp the greatest news of all, the "mystery hidden from all ages."  Even though they invited Paul to speak to them, they dismissed him in the end; the resurrection of Jesus was the last straw. - St Columban's Mission Society E-News (click below for full article)


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