Film Review - The Love Guru

A bizarre melange of Eastern mysticism and ice hockey, The Love Guru is the new vehicle for Canadian comedy star Mike Myers who also produced and co-wrote it. So anyone who didn't revel in Austin Powers should exercise extreme caution.

Myers is one of those comedy people whose greatest attribute is unswerving confidence that everything they do is hilarious. He is energetic enough as the perennially grinning guru who has written a book for every situation is never short of a catchy proverb, and the movie's tilts at the commercialism of the guru industry are mostly well-placed. But the script is shabby and full of grubby sexual innuendo. - Jim Murphy, Australian Catholic Office for Fil and Broadcasting

Starring: Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Romany Malco. Directed by Marco Schnabel.
Rated: M (frequent sexual references, some coarse language and drug references). Out Now.

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