Feature - WYD blessings still open

It is a credit to the thousands of pilgrims, that as the week went on, what happened was so amazing and so authentic, that Sydney and those reporting on it, began to realise that negativity could not crush the momentum of good will, in the knowledge of God's love, that was gathering.

The media were challenged by what they were witnessing and even on one of the early morning talk shows, the hosts and panel admitted that “we now get it … this is good for Sydney”. Now that the spotlight is off the experiences of last month, it is up to us to encourage the telling of stories and the passing on of experiences, as this will be how the good news of World Youth Day will be shared. - Pauline Connelly, The Southern Cross (click below for full article)


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From Parish of Our Lady of The Way, North Sydney & Lavender Bay. The first Mass of the day on YouTube.
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